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Manual welding

Welding procedures used:

Spot welding

Raw materials used:

normal steel, stainless steel, aluminum
The welding work process includes the checking of the finished seams. The examination of the seams is performed by quality inspectors too in addition to the welders.

Examination types

visual inspection
penetration testing
magnetic test

We are working with well trained welders and reliable good quality welding machines. With the help of the welding tools made by us we undertake the production of small-, medium- and even unique or big sized series. Production can be made on special welding table which allows the tooling to be simplified in many cases. Welding is done in accordance with the standard ISO3834-2.

Robotic Welding

Welding processes used by the robot:


Welding robots:

Motoman NX100 (3 workplaces, 3,1m arm length, 6m travel track, can weld even 4,5m long items up to 500 kg, MIG/MAG)
Motoman DX100 (2 workplaces, 1,4m arm length, welded steel structures up to 250 kg, MIG/MAG)
Fanuc (2 workplaces, 1,4m arm length, MIG/MAG, TIG)

Quality in robotic welding

Welding is made in accordance with the standard of ISO3834-2 in robotic welding too. The handling and serving of the robots is carried out by well trained and experienced operators. Management and supervision of the production is made by a welding engineer.

Did you know about us?

Production in our firm is made with the help of welding robots.

We work with 2 Motoman and 1 Fanuc welding robots, equipped with Fronius power sources. The work of the robots provides a precise and reliable process and quality. The applied robotics allows us the high quality and cost efficient production of medium and large sized series. The robot can weld from smaller parts up to 500 kg.

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Welding Plant


Quality welding – compliance with standards. Production in our welding workshop is made according to the ISO3834-2 standard, where there is a potential for both manual and robotic welding. The hall is equipped with a crane where we can undertake the serial production of parts from the small welded constructions even up to 12 meters long items. Welding tools are designed and produced by us.

Professionalism as the key of success

MIG/MAG, AWI, spot welding, Soyer.
Employees in our welding plant are also qualified and experienced experts, we work with qualified welders. It specifies the quality that the production is directed and supervised by two persons of international welding engineers.


The inspection of the welding seams is an essential part of the production. The examination of the welded products is performed by quality inspectors in addition to the self assessment of the welders.
Inspection types: visual inspection, penetration testing, magnetic test