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Tube bending

Our strength lies in technology

We perform the 3D bending of tubes and hollow profiles with modern BLM tube bending machines located in our factory up to an outer diameter of 60mm.

Our machines:

To perform tube bending works we use electric and hydraulic CNC tube bending machines. BLM 863, VGP BLM E-turn

We are capable to manufacture

With our top of the range machines we are capable to manufacture simple plane bendings and complex 3D shapes serially whether from tubes or hollow profiles.

Dimensions, inspection

During bending the inspection of workpieces is performed with the help of a 3D measuring arm which can perform an automatic adjustment in the program of the tube bending machine according to the required size through an online connection. Thereby the required accuracy can be reached quickly and can be kept under control.

Hydraulic pipe production

Hydraulic pipe production

Manufacturing of hydraulic tubes is an important branch of our production. With our 12 axis all-electric driven machines we are able to bend hydraulic pipes from simple to complex shapes with fittings. We can offer the flexibility and productivity provided by our machines for planning and constructing of hydraulic pipes.


We can work based on technical drawing documents, 3D models, or even sample items provided by the customer. The trimming of the incoming raw materials is followed by the bending of the tube. Each manufactured hydraulic pipe is labeled with a unique ID for the easier traceability. Our 12 axis all-electric driven CNC controlled tube bending machines ensure the appropriate quality during production.

Large quantities of delivery

Cutter rings and flares are deployed after tube bending. Then we can provide the internal cleaning of the pipes by shooting cleaning sponges with high-pressure air through them. The finished pieces will be delivered from our factory plugged in and prepared in the given quantity. Bending of tubes and hollow profiles up to an outer diameter of 52mm.

Did you know about us?

High Quality:

We use a 3D measuring to control the bent tubes. The software of the measuring equipment evaluates the measured and the required dimensions and transmits them to the bending machine through an online connection. This direct correction ensures the consistently high quality production and the proper geometry.

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