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Laser cutting

Laser cutting in excellent quality with Trumpf machines

We can undertake the cutting of Sheet metal plates (till 2000x4000mm plate size) and also tubes and hollow profiles.

What kind of materials can be cut with laser?

Usual material qualities:
In case of normal steel: till 20mm,
In case of stainless steel: till 12mm,
In case of aluminum: till 8mm maximum thickness

In addition to professional metalworking equipments our team consists of well trained experts. We do our work regarding to ISO 9001 quality management system.

Laser cutting is a basic service at the Bognár és Társa Kft.

Edge bending

Modern machines for different demands

We perform the bending of the items with CNC controlled TRUMPF and SAFAN press brakes from small dimensions up to 4200mm length. We can ensure the quality expected by our customers with high precision and big load machines and with well trained staff.

Bending dimensions:

In 4200mm length
Excellent accuracy in large sizes too

Our strength is the technology

In edge bending please also trust in the expertise of the Bognár és Társa Kft. Technology, accuracy, reliability – the first building blocks of a long term partnership!


In addition to laser cutting the Bognár Kft. is available for its customers with professional stamping equipments too.

Materials that could be stamped: Carbon steel, Stainless steel, Aluminum

Strengthening the complexity of our services we are strong in stamping too.

The Bognár Kft. is an expert of metalworking. The company does the work in its full complexity and with the highest accuracy and reliability from the first step to the last. Each work process – so does the punching part process too – requires maximal organization and attention. Keeping the deadlines is especially important for us.

Pressing on the basis of decades of experience

Did you know about us?

We work with eccentric and hydraulic type pressing machines in our plant. Eccentric types can be used till a thrust force of 100t, hydraulic types can be used till a thrust force of 250t.
We design and produce the necessary pressing tools for ourselves.
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