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High quality products, quality services at the Bognár és Társa Kft.

We work for the maximum service and satisfaction of our partners, customers. We led in numerous checkpoints from the order to the shipping where we strive to filter out the errors totally.
Quality and compliance of standards

We do our work regarding to ISO 9001 quality management system, and ISO 14001 environmental management system. Our welding workshop is operating regarding to ISO 3834-2 operational suitability certificate.

Constant ISO expert

The continuity of the inspections and the immediate screening of errors is essential for us. Because of this a quality management team with 5 persons is working with the help of modern measuring equipments and standards. We make our metering with 3D measuring arms in addition to the standard measuring devices. With the usage of these devices we can control the dimensional accuracy of complex welded structures and complicated bent tube products quickly and accurately.

We provide quality for 35 years!