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The information listed on the website is for the customers of Bognár és Társa Kft. and can’t be always used for legal purposes. Bognár és Társa Kft. does its best in order to keep the website up-to-date and accurate. The information on the website can’t be used as official commitment; Bognár és Társa Kft. does not take any responsibility for the consequences of using the website. The information was created for the customers of Bognár és Társa Kft. and is not necessarily accurate. Bognár és Társa Kft. does its best in order to keep the website up-to-date and accurate. Bognár és Társa Kft. retains the right to change the product specifications without previous warrant. FROM A LEGAL POINT OF VIEW YOU CANNOT LEAN ON THE INFORMATION OF THE WEBSITE. Bognár és Társa Kft. EXCLUDES THE RESPONSIBILITY FOR THE ABOVE MENTIONED BY THE GREATEST POSSIBLE EXTENT ALLOWED BY THE LAW. Beside the above mentioned common exclusion Bognár és Társa Kft. excludes the responsibility by the greatest possible extent allowed by the law for all damages of the customer resulting out of using the website.
a, Bognár és Társa Kft. respects the personal rights of the visitors of the website. Bognár és Társa Kft. only collects personal data about You (as name, address, phone or email address) (“Personal rights”), if You give them willingly. If You provide your personal data, they will be used for marketing and contact purposes. If You want your data to be removed from our databank please contact us via phone or email, our contact data is at the bottom of the page! Based on your approach we take the necessary steps in order to delete your personal data. Bognár és Társa Kft. respects the personal rights of each person (hereinafter: user) visiting the site. This paragraph specifies the information collected and stored by Bognár és Társa Kft., and also their usage.

b, Automatically collected not personalized information
In some cases we are allowed to collect not personalized information regarding the users. This information could be the type of the used browser, operating system of the used computer, domain name of the website, from where the user reached our site or advertisement.

c, Information can be stored on the hard drive of the users automatically 
When you visit the websites we can store several information on your computer. This information can be the unique identifier program, the so called “cookie”, or another format, which could help us in different ways. The unique identifier enables us to personalize a website or advertisement based on the preferences of the user. The most web browser provide an opportunity to delete the unique identifier from the hard drive, or to block it or even to warn the user before saving it. You can find more information about these functions in the browser’s description or help menu. 

d, Contacts
If you have provided your personal data on the internet and want us to remove them from our databank please contact us via email, you can find our email address at the bottom of the page or call our central number. We do our best to remove these data from our existing files. 
We have created and will maintain this website in accordance with the respective Hungarian laws. Disputes regarding the site shall be governed by the respective Hungarian legal regulations. Any possible litigation proceedings shall be governed by the regulations of the Hungarian Code of the Civil Procedure and the Hungarian Courts are entitled to proceed in this case.
This World Wide Web Site (hereinarfter: website) is operated by MST Engineering Kft, which is registered in Hungary in accordance with the Hungarian law, the address of its seat is H-5000 Szolnok, Gáz út 1. according to the register.
All material appearing on the webpages are intellectual property of the Bognár és Társa Kft.It is forbidden to copy or multiply these materials, except the amount necessary for the online view. For personal use it is allowed to print entire webpages. In addition to the above mentioned general principles Bognár és Társa Kft. provides the opportunity times-to-times to download backgrounds, screen savers, download catalogs and other utilities from the webpage. The download conditions of Bognár és Társa Kft. apply for these download.
The content will be accurate at the time of publication. Please visit our company for information about the changes. All data is for your information and we cannot take responsibility for the accuracy and authenticity of these data. The printed colors may vary from the original colors.