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About Us, Company Profile

Where the result of the past is the present and the aspiration of the present is the future

The Bognár és Társa Kft. – as a completely Hungarian-owned family business – is present in the metal processing industry since 1981. Our company – which is nowadays strengthened by 75 persons of skilled staff – is operating on an area of nearly 30.000 m2, from which a total area of 10.000 m2 is occupied by our factory halls.

Bognár és Társa Kft.

Quality goods – to Western Europe

The superscript of the world class production is that our company exporting the 80% of its products to Western Europe (Austria, Switzerland, France, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Germany) and to the Scandinavian countries. Shipping to abroad is organized by us from door to door with spedition. We solve communication on German and English language.

What kind of products we produce?

We have an extremely wide and varied product range. Some of our products without being exhaustive: Car Transporting Trailers, Railway Equipments, Storage and Workshop Equipments, Pharmacy Cabinets, Containers, Indoor and Outdoor Stairs, Industrial and Agricultural Machine Parts, Hydraulic Piping Systems

High level of technology for the impeccable result

The decisive part of our company policy is the continuous and knowingly conducted development. In the metal industry efficiency can be reached only with the development of each working process.

We gain time for the customers

This cardinal point of our company policy is proved by our actions. The primary goal of our company is the reliability and the creation of a correct partnership which could be only reached by keeping the delivery dates in addition to the high quality work

We believe in the building strength of the long term relationships. We believe that behind the given word there is the responsibility.

CNC Milling machine

We satisfy our customers with the most excellent CNC-controlled laser machines, tube bending machines, pressing machines, press brakes, stamping machines, turning and milling machines and also with state of the art welding robots. With laser machines which are capable to process sheet metal plates with dimensions of 4000x2000mm and to cut tubes and hollow profiles too. With CNC stamping machines. With CNC press brakes with a maximum bending length of 4,5m

Powder coating

Different pressing machines can be found in our firm: eccentric machines till 100t and hydraulic machines till 250t, for which we design and produce the necessary pressing tools for ourselves. We are working with electric and hydraulic (12 axis) tube bending machines Both conventional and CNC-controlled turning and milling machines can be found in our machining workshop.

Large stock

The production in our welding workshop is managed by a welding expert engineer. Welding methods: MIG/MAG, TIG, Soyer and spot welding. We are welding with 2 pieces of Motoman and 1 piece of Fanuc welding robots. It is possible to solve the surface treatment and the assembly of the products in our modern powder coating workshop.

Quality and compliance of standards

We do our work regarding to ISO 9001 quality management system, and ISO 14001 environmental management system. Our welding workshop is operating regarding to ISO 3834-2 operational suitability certificate. In order to the continuous control of the quality we are working with a quality management team of 5 persons.

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Demands of Completeness

From the beginning to the end – from the raw material to the door to door shipping of the finished product. We not only perform the production of the parts, but we give fully assembled products to our customers.

The Bognár és Társa Kft. built up a warehouse management system which gives an opportunity for the prefabrication and storing of different parts. Furthermore we provide continuous service: we are available and ready to work for our customers’ disposal in any time of the year. In addition our multiple shifts work schedule allows the rapid workmanship.

Bognár és Társa Kft. – everything in one place!